7th Annual JIIP Symposium to take place on 7 December 2015 in the European Parliament in Brussels

This year’s Annual JIIP Symposium will take place on 7 December in the European Parliament in Brussels. As in the previous, it will at the same time be the opening session of the European Innovation Summit (EIS), organised by Knowledge4Innovation (K4I). The JIIP Symposium will be hosted by the MEP Carlos Zorrinho, member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

TThe 2015 JIIP Annual Symposium aims to provide deeper insight to perspective on Open Innovation practice and policy from different perspectives, in order to create a comprehensive picture of the state of play and what is likely to develop in the foreseeable future, with a particular focus eco systems and the position and role of SME’s.

The European perspective will be addressed by views on policy and actions from DG RTD and DG CONNECT. The two views are complementary, DG RTD has a view that stems from open science and scientific excellence. DG CONNECT focuses on Open Innovation 2.0, in this framework JIIP will present the first findings of a large scale monitoring study on Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer.

Several cases from different sectors present the view from SME’s and Universities. Special attention will be given to the development of the Open Innovation programme in Austria and the situation in the US and Taiwan. Finally the current academic view on Open Innovation eco systems will complement our broad approach.

Between the invited speakers we will find:

  • Robbert Fisher, JIIP
  • Peter Droell, European Commission DG RTD
  • Luca Remotti, JIIP
  • Jan Gerbrands, Technology of Sense
  • Luisa Matos, ISA Energy
  • Bror Salmelin, European Commission DG CONNECT
  • Peter Ballon, iMinds
  • Judtih Rabfogel-Scheer, Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie
  • Alger Lee, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
  • Sabine Brunswicker, Purdue

More information about JIIP Symposium agenda and speakers can be found at http://www.knowledge4innovation.eu/7th-eis-programme#921 and at http://www.knowledge4innovation.eu/7th-eis-speaker-bios

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