Impact Assessment for Legislation on Mutual Recognition and Acceptance of the eIDentification and Authentification across Borders

Start Date: January, 2012
End Date: July, 2012
Client: Service contract for the European Commission – DG InfSo

TNO, together with IISA participates in the study called “The Impact Assessment for Legislation on Mutual Recognition and Acceptance of e-Identification and Authentication Across Borders (eID)“. The study will start January 2012. The objective and scope of the eID study are to support the Commission in its assessment of the impact of a legislation envisaged by the Commission in its Digital Agenda for Europe, the European eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 and the recently adopted Single Market Act. The study will take account of several ongoing IA initiatives to collect fact-based evidence which will support the European Commission in the formulation of the problem statement, further developing appropriate policy options and, finally, supporting the evaluation of the socio-economic impacts of the policy options identified.

The final report of the study will propose one of the four options and provide substantial discussions and indications on the suggested option, its advantages and disadvantages, and the related impacts on the overall scenario of the development of cross border public services.

The expected output will be a coherent a coherent analysis of regulatory, institutional, organisational and technological issues related to the development of interoperable cross-border eIDs, which will present and discuss the four options in terms of their potential impacts on the development of the digital Europe in general and of their support to the cross-border access to public services. The different options will be compared with the specific development goals of the European information society, of the European e-Government and of the targets set by the digital agenda.

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