In celebration of a year of achievements, our team at JIIP wanted to share with you some highlights of the wonderful completed and ongoing projects in 2017

11. In early 2017, we completed a study on Synergies between Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation and the European Structural and Investment Fund. This study was based on the design and implementation of several research approaches and tools – a literature review; surveys targeted at ESIF Managing Authorities, H2020 National Contact Points and H2020 beneficiaries; and interviews with ESIF Managing Authorities; H2020 National Contact Points; Horizon 2020 beneficiaries; and the European Commission officials.

10. One of our ongoing projects is the creation of a European and Latin American self-sustainable innovation cooperative network of research and innovation (R&I) actors and industry partners to foster co-generated, technology-based business opportunities

9. Another ongoing H2020 project is the European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID). The overarching objectives of this project are threefold: To detail and analyse the manner in which the EU operates in the domains of culture and science diplomacy in the current era; comparing its bilateral and multilateral cultural and science ties between states, regions, and public and private international organisations.

8. JIIP’s largest project is RECREATE. This past qmonth, we held the 4th RECREATE Stakeholder Workshop at the SQUARE Meeting Center in Brussels. The workshop featured a number of interactive sessions, panel debates and keynote speeches, all of which received highly positive feedback from the participants. Amongst others, we presented the Policy Brief on “Scaling Up the Circular Economy”, which was followed by a debate with key representatives from the European Commission, the EIB as well as key experts and consultants. The date of the RECREATE Final Conference will take place on 12 June in Brussels.

7. An ongoing study of much interest is a mapping of the Internet of Things innovation clusters in Europe. The study aims to understand the ecosystems driving innovation in IoT by creating a Dynamic Mapping of IoT innovation clusters (start-ups, accelerators, incubators, investors, research centres, smart communities, etc) in Europe. Moreover, the study will integrate & present concise and comprehensive information about the existing IoT clusters within a cutting edge, dynamic online mapping platform.

6. This year, the European Commission published our work as the NanoData Landscape Compilations, eight sectoral studies of the environment for nanotechnology in Europe that give insights into the whole nanotechnology value chain, from scientific research to the marketplace.Also in 2017, we delivered NanoData Impact Assessments of five sectors of nanotechnology – Energy. Health, ICT, Photonics and Manufacturing – highlighting the opportunities in this dynamic application area.

Finally, also under the NanoData banner, we prepared the beta version of the NanoData web platform, due for launch in 2018, with up-to-date and searchable data on nanotechnology including patents, products and European projects, as well as information on publications, health and safety, and markets.

5. Another great study that ended this year was the creation of Intellectual Property Rights protection index – data collection [as part of DG ENTR framework on contract evaluation]. The objective of the study was to collect and numerically encode information on the initial level as well as subsequent changes to IP legislation along the criteria put forward in the Charles River Associates study for DG GROW titled “Creation of Intellectual Property Protection Indices: a Methodology”. The IP rights to be addressed in this study include: Invention patents, Industrial designs, Trademarks, Geographical indications (GIs), Copyrights, Trade secrets.The geographical scope of the study extends to 60 countries, and the time span considered is from 1970 to 2015.

4. Science2Society is an ongoing effort to improve university, industry, and society interfaces to boost the throughput capacity of Europe’s innovation stakeholders. This project creates pilots and shares good practices, guidelines and training materials that improve awareness and practical performance in seven concrete university-industry-society interfacing schemes especially affected by Science 2.0 and open innovation. The project advances far beyond the traditional role of the interface as a facilitator of knowledge transfer from university to business.

3. Earlier this month, we wrapped up the “Study to monitor the business environment affecting the collaborative economy in EU MS”. The final report analyses and compares various aspects of the business environment for the collaborative economy in the different EU member states and different sectors, proposes a set of indicators to measure and monitor them in the future and suggests a number of changes to the business environment that would help to promote further growth in the collaborative economy.

2. One more project we completed this year was the study on a Single and Innovation European Transport System (SINTRAS). The aim of this research is to recommend a set of implementable and effective actions which will substantially improve Europe’s transport system through the better adoption of innovation and new technology.

1. The number one project JIIP has undertaken in 2017 is MOP. JIIP is currently supporting the European Commission (DG RTD) in the preparation of the future Framework Programme (FP9) by collecting evidence on mission-oriented research and innovation (R&I) initiatives. Based on case studies and a global inventory, we identify and define different policy approaches, and envisage options for a move of EU R&I policy toward missions. Dedicated interviews and an online survey aim to collect the views of R&I stakeholders and experts on these options. JIIP also participated in a very successful summit on MOP, as part of the K4I’s 9th Annual European Innovation Summit, this past November.

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