Joanneum Research

Professional innovation and technology provider

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a professional innovation and technology provider of about 470 employees with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in the South-East of Austria.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is active in the following areas:

• MATERIALS – Institute of Surface Technology and Photonics
• HEALTH – Institute of Biomedicine and Health Sciences
• DIGITAL – Institute of Information and Communication Technologies
• RESOURCES – Institute of Water, Energy and Sustainability
• POLICIES – Institute for Economic and Innovation Research

The Institute for Economic and Innovation Research offers a wide range of thematic and methodological expertise to provide advice and support in the planning of technology and innovation strategies, in regional location decisions and analysis and in assessing the risk and effects of political and business decisions. We leverage our longstanding experience in empirical and model-based research to develop new market positions and expertise in order to successfully open up new markets, especially in cooperation with business partners.

The institute consists of three research groups:

• Technology, Innovation and Policy Consulting
• Statistical Applications
• Regional Science, Risk and Resource Economics

JOANNEUM RESEARCH develops solutions and technologies for a broad range of industries and public agencies and is engaged in top applied research at an international level. Optimally embedded in the national and international innovation network our staff develops innovations in the three thematic areas of information and production technologies, human technology and medicine, society and sustainability.