Measurement of impact of cross-border penetration in public procurement: Study published by the European Commission

JIIP contributed to the study on “ Measurement of impact of cross-border penetration in public procurement” that the European Commission – DG GROW has just published.

The EU public procurement rules seek to promote transparency and competition in procurement markets, to the benefit of all EU contracting authorities. Penetration of cross-border purchasing in public procurement is a gauge of the extent to which public procurement rules have successfully created transparent and competitive markets for public purchasing across all EU Member States.

This study makes a detailed assessment of the level and trends of cross-border public procurement and seeks to identify the factors that explain observed differences across all the sub-markets that are subject to the public procurement Directives. The extent to which EU public sector entities engage in cross-border purchasing is analysed at award-level using the TED database and, at the macroeconomic level, using alternative statistical sources for trade data. Public sector definition and, to a large extent, data sources, follow those of previous studies in order to maintain comparability.

The study covers all EU Member States and six additional countries, over the period 2009-2015.

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