Missions in FP9?

The potential missions in the next FP for Research and Innovation is a hot topic of debate in the European research community. Key questions include: are these missions a good idea to create better and more visible impact, how will these missions be defined, in what area’s, at what level of granularity, will the missions be inclusive or exclusive, what would be the role of instruments and institutions, will the mission be linked to national and regional policies and how can missions be sensibly implemented in the complex European landscape?

A consortium led by JIIP (including TNO, VTT, Tecnalia and Joanneum Research) together with DTI and VVA has been working on these issues since summer 2017. The work will provide the empirical basis supporting the decisions that will be taken in the next couple of months.

The studies look into two elements: 1) what is a mission, how can it be conceptualised and what can we learn from examples around the world; the team has analysed over 200 mission type R&I initiatives around the world and made detailed analyses of 50 of those. In addition, more than twenty in depth case studies have been carried out.. 2) The second study translates these findings and lessons learned into the possible implementation in the next FP, different options are being assessed and evidence has been collected..

The full studies will be published in March, but parts will already be made public in the next weeks.

We are happy to share the first publication at this stage: the in depth case study on the Energiewende from a mission perspective.

Link for download: Energiewende.pdf

More publications will follow shortly and will be announced here.

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