Policy approaches for digital industrial B2B platforms

When: Thursday, October 24, 2019 – 13:30 to 16:30

Digitisation of Industry will be one of the major challenges for European Industry for the coming decades. The high value-added industry of the EU is facing severe competition from the US, China and other parts of the world, moving from a uni-polar to a multi-polar world. Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, AirBnB are everywhere today. Digital Industrial B2B platforms are relatively new and are changing the manufacturing ecosystem by introducing new business roles and impacting others.

Digital Industrial B2B platforms can be defined as a collection of shared infrastructures, systems and processes, where the value of the platform is based on data sharing and data exploitation. They are based on underlying technologies and platforms for data exchange (e.g. AI, block chain, aggregators), which enable connectivity, data flows and data storage. These platforms are to play an increasingly important role in integrating production (within companies – e.g. digital factories) and between companies, linking organisations along the value chain.

However, they also bring new questions and challenges like:

  • How to avoid consolidation of Industrial B2B platforms that leads to a “winner takes all” situation?
  • How to determine what platforms and cloud owners can do with the data they obtain from the platform users?
  • How to guide industrial agreements where fair retribution of data flows (property rights and approprate payements for platform participants) and a distributed governance model are at the core of the norm?

The development of European policy and regulatory solutions is required, so as to mitigate potential risks and create better market opportunities.

The workshop will allow policy makers and industrial platforms to discuss the current policy and user needs and how to address future challenges on this market.

During this workshop Max Lemke, Head of Unit for “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry” in DG CNECT, will officially receive the report called “Industrial B2B platforms: the race Europe cannot afford to lose”.

A position paper including the main conclusions and discussions of the workshop will be published after the workshop.


To register please send an email to: amber.geurts@tno.nl

More information available: https://www.tno.nl/en/about-tno/events/2019/workshop-digital-industrial-b2b-platforms/

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