Studies on mission-oriented R&I initiatives in preparation of FP9

In view of the preparation of the future research and innovation Framework Programme of the European Union (FP9), the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy and its partners collected and analysed evidence of mission-oriented research and innovation initiatives, and, on this basis, assessed the potential impact of the introduction of a mission-oriented approach in the European R&I policy.

A desk research improves the understanding of mission-oriented R&I initiatives. An inventory and the analysis of ongoing initiatives addressing major global issues explore their implementation and management, including their governance structure, the policy mix as well as the monitoring systems and evaluation mechanisms. They also help determine the potential influence of a move towards mission orientation in the EU28 countries.

The Study highlights that there is a plurality of mission-oriented R&I initiatives. Directionality and intentionality nevertheless differentiate them from other initiatives. The success of these initiatives highly depends on pre-conditions, such as institutions and policies already in place as well as existing capacities and knowledge.

Three potential scenarios for an introduction of a mission orientation into FP9 were identified: a transition to accelerator or transforming missions only, or to the compound of these two (hybrid model). Opinions and data from a varied audience of stakeholders were collected through interviews, a survey and a workshop. The main findings are that the introduction of a mission-oriented approach is widely supported, and that the hybrid model is deemed the most appropriate. The design and implementation of this approach will need to consider carefully the engagement of a wide array of stakeholders including citizens, the coordination across policy domains, policy departments and governance levels, and evaluation and monitoring mechanisms among others.

Please find the reports on the Impact Assessment (IA) of mission-oriented scenarios and on the global mapping of mission-oriented indicatives, together with in-depth case studies on present and past missions, on the website of the European commission (with hyperlink

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