New publications: NanoData Impact Assessment Reports

The reports evaluate the wide range of EU policies concerning nanotechnology and their impacts in five core nanotechnology sectors: energy, health, ICT, manufacturing and photonics. The reports are built on three pillars: an ex-post impact assessment, a gap analysis and ex-ante impact assessment.

They provide insights into motivations of research & innovation programme participants and analyse the innovative performance of EU, national and regional nanotechnology research & innovation networks. The reports highlight the scientific and technological outputs as well as the effects on employment, on societal and on economic outcomes, providing a comprehensive evaluation of EU policies which affect nanotechnologies.

In January 2018, the final versions of the NanoData Impact Assessment Reports have been published by the EU Bookshop.

The reports and synthesis report can be downloaded from EU Law and Publications

The reports are the outcomes of a study for the European Commission (DG RTD) in the preceding years, undertaken by the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy, in co-operation with the University of Leiden (CWTS), Frost & Sullivan, Joanneum Research, the Nanotechnology Industries Association, Tecnalia and TNO.

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