Smart urban mobility and transport: [N° MOVE/C2/2016-258)]

Start Date: July, 2017
End Date: December, 2018
Client: European Commission, DG MOVE

The aim of this project is to set up and develop a support office to the participants in the two Sustainable Urban Mobility Cluster (SUM cluster) initiatives of the of the European Innovation Partnership of Smart Cities & Communities (EIP-SCC): (1) smart electromobility solutions (EV4SCC) with four actions lines, and (2) smart new mobility services (NMS). In addition, the SUM support office collaborates with the management of the EIP-SCC market place.

The ambition of this initiative is to create an open and collaborative marketplace for new mobility services in Europe.

General objectives:

  • Exploring opportunities for partnering and brokering contacts with public and private financing actors.
  • Provide technical and financial expertise to the participants of the two initiatives.
  • Provide content support and advice to the participants of the initiatives in building a pipeline of projects, drawing up a clear strategy and implementation structure, advising on potential funding and financing sources and structuring of specifications for common projects.

Supporting match-making and ideas exchange of cities and companies with relevant financing actors, including promotional banks, institutional investor funds and foundations.

The role and services provided by the SUM support office follows:

  • Working closely with the Sustainable Urban Mobility cluster initiatives (be demand-driven);
  • Providing hands-on and practical technical and financial expertise in developing a project pipeline;
  • Developing an analysis framework for project assessment that fits the needs of the cluster initiatives’ management team and partners;
  • Identifying and supporting off-line and online match-making and brokerage opportunities, looking not just at the obvious transport related networks and platforms but focus on those where financial actors are already present and/or likely to have an interest in;

Consolidating the project’s results (good practices, contacts database) as online resource, in close collaboration with the EIP SCC Market Place.


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